The Riverview Hotel, Balmain.

I’ve found someone new. And I’m smitten.
He’s been knocking about for a while. A bit of an old boozer.
Yet he looks as good as ever. A charming silver fox.


But it’s what he does in the kitchen that really makes me swoon.
Frying me into submission with the best fish and chips ever to cross my lips.



Beer, well he knows it has uses other than drinking – like in a crisp as an autumn leaf batter.
And those chips, well he’s good with his hands is all I will say.
Crunch, crunch.


He’s also abreast of current trends, yet knows how to wear them in a way befitting of a man of his age.
No, you’ll find no hot sauce here – though these wings will still etch their memory on your lips.


Calamari with harissa is how I know he’s up for adventure.


And his classic grown-ups steak tartare seals the deal.
The deal being 3 bar snacks for $20, yes he’s a cheap date too!



After getting rather hot under the collar it was time to cool off in the harbour before boarding a ferry for home.


Gobbled_Gulped_SeaGobbled_Gulped_FerryI’m sure I’m not the first to fall for his charms. Nor will I be the last.
All I can hope is he’ll never change.

You can find (and I suggest you do) The Riverview Hotel at 29 Birchgrove Rd, Birchgrove/Balmain

Riverview Hotel on Urbanspoon

NB. We ate from the Riverview Hotel bar menu not the upstairs restaurant, cutlery being optional downstairs :)

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