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Rockpool is undoubtably one of Sydney’s most iconic restaurants, enduring for near 25 years. So when they announced earlier this year that they would be moving It felt like the end of an era and the most tragic thing about that, was I still hadn’t been! …  then by chance I was planning a friday girls lunch with my mum when I came across Rockpools Friday “Classics Menu” a set 3 courses celebrating some of the restaurants most iconic and timeless dishes, up until they move. All for a (Rockpool) tidy sum of $65pp. This I thought was as good an opportunity as any and we were booked in to dine the following friday.

Rockpool on George2

Of course then my little bro (an even more avid food lover than I) got wind of our plans and before I knew it lunch had grown to three. Sneaky little sucker.

Being Rockpool, this post is a little longer than usual… but I promise it’s mostly pictures. Enjoy.

Come the day my little bro and mum decided to go all out and order of the regular a la carte menu. Well good on them. In the name of research I stuck with the set Classics Menu.*

But first, as it should be, freshly baked bread hot from the oven and a delicious churned butter was brought to the table.


The Classics Menu entree was a King Prawn and goats cheese tortellini and was the highlight of the three courses. Beautiful plump king prawns sat atop delicate pasta wrapped goats cheese clouds. It was divine and I want some more now!


Prawn_goatscheese2Mother dearest selected the Murray Cod with ginger, shallot, oyster, cauliflower, savoy cabbage and macadamia ($35). It was a beautiful thing. And the standout of the three entrees. Such a delicate play of flavours and textures… but then she only gave me one little forkful.


Little brother being a sucker for all things pasta chose the Goats cheese, lasagna, apples, lavender scented kipflers, pangrattato and broccoli sauce ($35).


For the Classics Menu, John Dory fillets seared in Indian pastry with a tomato and cardamom sauce was served as my main. The fish was perfect, the sauce though was much more subtle than I was expecting and than I would have liked.


Mother clearly had her wits about her when ordering the Lamb rolled saddle, bo ssam shoulder, celery, wheat infused soy beans and tea smoked mussels ($45). Quite a mouthful to order but a most heartwarmingly delicious one when taken literally.


Little brother got all adventurous and plumped for the Pigeon with corn, scallops, eggplant, black mushroom and coriander. A glossy pile of refined and distinctly delicious bird.


The crowning glory for the Classics Menu was a ginger custard with brandy snaps. It was luscious. And i’m not even mad for ginger. The dish was much more like a brûlée with its hard toffee top – and all the better for it in my books.



Mother chose the prettiest of pretty dishes in the Mandarin pudding ($20)



And the Passionfruit souffle with passionfruit ice cream ($45) was the crème de la crème for little brother, who despite his love of passionfruit was kind enough to share with his sister (thats me).


We finished our meals with coffees, which were delivered to the table with a treasure trove of delicate Petit Fours. Heaven.

Petit Fours

Petit Fours2

You’ll get more wow factor if you order from the À la carte menu as is probably evident from the pictures. But I really enjoyed my Classics Menu set lunch and you still get to experience the wonderful service which was charming and personable throughout.

This is definitely a special occasion place, perfect for that certain someones birthday or an impressive date.

If you want to experience Rockpool in the Rocks be quick, snap up a Classics Menu* lunch next Friday before they move in September.

You’ll find Rockpool at 107 George St The Rocks, Sydney 

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* Menu changes monthly

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