Elizabeth Bay Cafe, Elizabeth Bay

Tucked away behind Macleay Street is a simple little cafe doing a fresh and lively breakfast trade to a throng of loyal locals.

Coffee Elizabeth Bay Cafe

Elizabeth Bay Cafe

Though it’s only a block closer to the bay, it feels as though you’ve been transported miles away from the hustle and bustle of Kings Cross.

You can either grab a seat outside or one of the few inside. (A word of warning it’s small and quite noisy inside. The staff obviously enjoy each others company which is nice to see, but not so nice when their frivolity impacts diners comfort.)

But enough quibbling – on to the food. The menu covers all bases with a slight emphasis on brighter flavours, in keeping with the EBC feel.

The Bouy’s choice of EBC Hash Brown($17) was the clear standout on our last visit. Filled with corned beef, topped with buttered spinach, bacon and a poached egg it was a thing of beauty.

EBC Hash Brown Breakfast

Elizabeth Bay Cafe Hash Brown

Little Brother opted for the corn fritters($16) with avocado and bacon. More bacon than fritter? No-ones ever complained about that before!


Yours truly chose the Ali Baba Breakfast ($16) toasted turkish with hommus, grilled sweet potato, cherry tomato, olives, avocado and danish feta. Good, not great but it is the only time I’ve not been pleased with my meal.

Elizabeth Bay Cafe Ali Baba Breakfast


Elizabeth Bay Cafe

If it’s a sunny, cheerful spot you’re in need of, away from the buzz of it all but not quite in the water, finding yourself at Elizabeth Bay Cafe could be just what the doctor ordered.

You’ll find Elizabeth Bay Cafe at 45 Elizabeth bay Road, Elizabeth Bay. 

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