Bean Tree Café, Alice Springs

A week ago the Bouy and I set of on a Northern Territory road trip. We flew into Alice Springs from where we made our way up to Darwin, travelling over 2300km in the process. Let me tell you that’s a long way.

As Tolkien would tell you, all good journeys should start with a good breakfast. For our maiden holiday feed, we visited the Bean Tree Café, in the grounds of the Olive Pink Botanical Gardens – just on the edge of Alice Springs town center.

Bean Tree is an unpretentious little kiosk the kind you might find attached to many a small tourist garden. You order from a counter, displaying home made quiches and cakes, then you grab your cutlery and choose a seat at one of the many outdoor tables.

We both ordered the poached eggs with focaccia and bush tomato chutney, mine with bacon $14 while the Bouy opted for hot smoked salmon $16.



Both were perfect in their simplicity. The bush tomato chutney was a lovely touch really bringing the outback onto the plate. The eggs were perfectly executed and my bacon was just the way I like it, crispy yet not cooked to a crisp. The only fault I have was our eggs were really over salted with cooking salt. I was able to scrape most of it off, but it was an unnecessary touch. (I really think all cafés should just invest in proper salt and pepper grinders and let their customers season their own eggs –  rant aside)


Juice is squeezed to order and sufficiently grips the insides. The coffee too was decent, though a little bitter still it was the best one I would have until Darwin, so with that in mind you could do a lot worse.


The gardens provide a serene and tranquil backdrop …. Though nothing compares to being out on the road in amongst the stunning landscape of the red center.

ontheroad2devilsmarblesThere weren’t that many notable meals from the road, i’ll share the ones worth bookmarking with you over the coming days. For now its good to be back in Sydney, though I wish I could have brought the sun with me.

You’ll find the Bean Tree Cafe in the Botanical Gardens on Tuncks Rd, Alice Springs

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