4 Tasty Oat Recipes

Month after month these oat recipes are the most popular posts on the blog! Who knew you were all such a healthy bunch?

So today I thought I’d round them up into one handy little post for y’all with a big promise to add a fifth recipe to the collection VERY soon.

Baked Blackberry Porridge


And the best bit – each of these recipes are guaranteed to rouse even the sleepiest of heads from bed. And no soul will even ask where the bacon is!


The Argyle, Sydney

Last week the reinvented Argyle flung open their bamboo steamers and liquor cabinets to show off their asian inspired makeover. The result of an exciting collaboration between Argyle chef Micheal Nguyen (ex Red Lantern) and Shaun Presland (Saké Restaurant & Bar) in the kitchen and Daniel Mussen (ex Shady Pines Saloon) on the cocktail shaker.

With invite in hand, my partner in crime for the night and I hobbled across the cobblestone threshold into the oriental festivities that awaited.

With no cocktails in sight we plumped for a glass of sparkling to keep us hydrated while we had a snoop around the refurbished digs.

Bubbles Ath the Arglye

Inside the space is vast yet somehow manages to feel intimate – a retro oriental hideaway with a just a dash of kitsch and a rustling of palms – to transport you to the east.

The Arglye Interior

There’s a dedicated space for dinners who want to cosy up as close as possible to plump peking ducks and the action of the kitchen.

The Arglye

Oriental Decor The Argyle

It was here that many of my fellow guests seemed to be congregating in an effort to intercept the food leaving the kitchen.

The Arglye Dumplings

Bao At the Arglye

It was nothing short of a frenzy and while I managed some photos we missed out on any food. Pure torture.

Bao At the Arglye 2

Not willing to admit defeat yet we set off in search of cocktails. Which led us in to the depths of the Argyle to find the bar.

Cocktails Argyle


Here our strike rate was significantly higher and with cocktails in hand we retreated to the courtyard to soak up the party.

Clare at the Argyle 2

Cocktails Argyle Umbrella

Outside was definitely where the action was to be had.

Lion Dancing Argyle

Servers Argyle

Argyle waitress 2

Micheal Nguyen argyle

Argyle waitress

There were drinks aplenty and we finally got a wee taster of our own. Just the one though…

Argyle Dumpling

While you may be beginning to feel like you’re in the orient, these these wicked little cheeseburger gyozas will bring you back to Sydney, with the prerequisite nod to the dude in the food.

By the end of the night we’d had a few good n’ tasty drinks but alas between us only 3 dumplings. Our bellies rumbled for dinner and we headed off into the night for some food we didn’t have to hustle for.

Chris Clare The Argyle

Should you find yourself plumpin for a good ol dumplin newly styled The Argyle is a fun and very sexy spot to get your next fixin, day or night 7 days a week. What little we tried was good and if its any indication the rest should be great. A hypothesis I plan on testing myself.

You can see a full set of pics from the night here and the full tantalising menu here

You can find The Argyle at 12-18 Argyle Street, The Rocks

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Brodburger, Canberra

Brodburger is a Canberra institution. I’ve been hearing tales of it’s greatness for years. When they relocated from their red gypsy caravan to the current Glassworks location in Kingston (next to the markets) I was gutted to have missed out on the original experience. Saddened but not deterred I fronted up bright and early (11:45am) one Sunday for what would be my first Brodburger experience. I wasn’t alone – the place was already rather full.

Brodbuger Gobbled Gulped

We placed our orders and waited patiently for our food to arrive. Watching with envy as those around us received their orders.

Brodbuger Gobbled Gulped 1

Brodbuger Gobbled Gulped 2

When our burgers did arrive they looked pretty darn good.

Brodbuger Cheeseburger

The Bouy being the Bouy had to have the Double Cheese Burger ($17.50). Thats two 1/2 pound patties and two slices of cheese pickles, ketchup and mustard. It was a beast of a thing.

Brodbuger Double Cheeseburger

Brodbuger Double Cheeseburger 1

I being slightly less of a glutton (on this occasion) opted for the Brodburger ($13.50) which is one 1/2 patty with salad, aioli, relish and your choice of Cheddar, Swiss, Brie or Blue Cheese – I plumped for blue and a side of chips ($2.50).

Brodbuger Cheeseburger

Brodbuger Blue CheeseClose Up

Brodbuger Blue Cheese

And what did we think? To be fair it would have had to be a pretty sensational burger to have lived up to my expectations. But it didn’t. While there was plenty good about it – great bun, fantastic condiments, both the aioli, relish and blue cheese were spot on AND the salad was fresh and crisp. But the patty while decent was just not great. It tasted of not much and the texture was tad too firm as if over salted and/or over processed. In the scheme of things does this really matter? Not really. Brodburger is still a really good burger and a fun place to eat to boot. At $13.50 the Brodburger is good value. But at $17.50 for a double cheese burger if the meat aint great, then it goes that the burger can’t be great and at that price it really ought to be.

But I’ll not give up on my Brodburger dream just yet, there’s so much going for this place that I’ll be back on our next visit, fingers crossed for better patty love.

You can find Brodburger at 11 Wentworth Ave , Kingston

Brodburger - Flame Grilled Burgers on Urbanspoon

Old Bus Depot Markets, Canberra

I do love a good market and luckily I was able to check out one of Canberra’s best on my last visit.

The Old Bus Depot Markets are on every Sunday in the Canberra suburb of Kingston. It’s a covered market which makes it a good all weather option.

Lets take an amble together …

Old Bus Depot Markets pastries

Old Bus Depot Markets Interior

Old Bus Depot Markets Bagels

Old Bus Depot Markets Flower

Old Bus Depot Markets Flowers

Old Bus Depot Markets Jam

Old Bus Depot Markets china

Old Bus Depot Markets Pizza

Old Bus Depot Markets

The mix of stalls is huge, from gourmet food to arts and crafts with your traditional offerings alongside wares from new and innovative designers.

Old Bus Depot Markets ReadyMeals

Old Bus Depot Markets Softies

Old Bus Depot Markets Stands

Old Bus Depot Markets Cases

There’s also a range of performance art on offer, for both young and old, or you can do as I do and provide your own…

Old Bus Depot Markets Pupets

Old Bus Depot Markets Musicians

Old Bus Depot Markets performance

The Old Bus Depot Markets are a fantastic spot to spend some time on a Sunday morning in Canberra.
For more details on the markets visit their site here.

Silo Bakery, Canberra

Last weekend the Bouy and I took an overdue weekender to Canberra to visit my big brother and his lovely wife in their new home. The NSW bush fires resulted in our three hour drive becoming a five hour drive which sadly meant we missed dinner and would have to settle on our first meal, in the nations capital, being breakfast. So it was only fitting that we kicked off our weekend of gluttony at Canberran breakfast institution Silo.

Silo Canberra Gobbled Gulped

Canberra must have been intent on making things up to us as we were given a table after only a minute-or-so wait. Unheard for a four-top (I was told). Inside the place was bustling, there’s a non-stop queue of punters streaming through for baked goods to go. The display of which caused me no end of distraction. Seriously look at this…

Tarts Silo Gobbled Gulped


We resolved there would be treats to go and I tried to concentrate on the task at hand of selecting breakfast.

As well as their ridiculously good-looking baked goods, Silo also houses a collection of cheeses in their dedicated cheese room and offer a breakfast cheese plate (which quite frankly is the things dreams). Despite this obvious temptation I decided to opt for the welsh rarebit served with an egg, sausage and spinach ($16)

Welsh Rarebbit Silo Gobbled Gulped

And I’m so glad I did it was darn good. Simple but tasty ingredients executed nicely. This is one I am still dreaming about.

The Bouy and big brother both chose asparagus and poached eggs on walnut toast with horseradish salsa ($16)

Silo Gobbled Gulped Asparagus

I’m seriously ga-ga for fresh horseradish and this was a smart and balanced pairing.

Connie chose the Vegan breakfast of nut & seed flatbread with tomato, rocket, avocado and cashew hummus ($16) with an added egg for good measure. It was a vibrant beauty of a plate.

Vegan Silo Gobbled Gulped

Silo Gobbled Gulped Interior

My brother and his lovely wife Connie.

David Connie

Silo Gobbled Gulped Interior

All-in-all Silo Bakery lived up to the hype, and I’d definitely recommend a visit next time you find yourself in Canberra town. But one little word of advice, choose not to drive into this…

Fires You’ll find Silo Bakery & Cheese Room at 36 Giles Street, Kingston ACT
 Silo Bakery on Urbanspoon

South Dowling Sandwiches, Darlinghurst

This is a place you’ll want to take your hungriest self for sandwiches of epic proportions.

South Dowling Chicken Schnitzel

South Dowling Sandwiches can be found in an unassuming little corner shop at the city end of – you guessed – it South Dowling Street. You’ll likely spy the long line of hungry punters well before you’ll see the shop itself.

South Dowling Sandwich Gobbled Gulped

Once you’ve made it to the front of the (quick moving) line you’ll find a short menu of sandwiches but I need only tell you about 3 of them. They all come served on the only bread on offer, white or wholemeal vienna loaf, which is just the right amount crisp crust to delicate fluffy bread ready to make a home for your fillin of choice.

1. The chicken schnitzel

Served with herb mayo and lettuce ($7.50 TA)

South Dowling Schnitzel Sandwich

The chicken breast pieces – cooked all through the lunch rush and served hot – deliver a nice crunch, revealing succulent moist chicken with good flavour. The aioli is delicious, I secretly will them to put on more – though I dare not ask for obvious gluttony related reasons. Similarly I always opt for tomato on mine, a balanced diet is all important you know.

2. The chilli chicken

served with tomato pesto and lettuce ($7.50 TA) pictured with added avocado.

South Dowling Chilli Chicken Sandwich

You’re either team schnitzel or team chilli chicken. And in this game both teams win.

A deep sticky, yet sweet, chilli sauce coats chicken pieces that are freshly grilled for your sandwich. If you get hooked on this bad boy you’ll be hooked for life. Moments will pass when you come to realise you’ve been standing there slack jawed thinking about it’s mouth filing flavour.

3. The vegetarian

The lot comes served with hommus and lettuce ($7.50 TA)

South Dowling Vegetarian Sandwich

Now this has to be a contender for Sydney’s most epic vegetarian sandwich. The generosity here knows no bounds. Your vienna bread will be piled high with hommus, potato salad, AMAZING roast carrots, lentils, cabbage, roast tomato, mushrooms, zucchini, beans, arugula … I could go on. Your really need only look at it to understand why this sandwich has even the most devoted meatlovers queuing for the pleasure.


South Dowling Vegetarian Sandwich2

You can of course have them make your sambo any old way you like it.

South Dowling Sandwich Preparation

As a smite to the might of the sandwich, all sandwiches are also available as epic salads. (Lets just pretend I didn’t mention that in a sandwich post.)

Gobbled & Gulped is on the hunt for Sydney’s most epic sandwich, so if you’ve got a favourite sandwich spot let me know about it! either in the comments or share your suggestion on Facebook.

You’ll find South Dowling Sandwiches at 377 South Dowling Street.

South Dowling Sandwiches on Urbanspoon

Harissa and Kale Spaghetti

How did this happen? Not but a fortnight ago I was planning a new regime of salad eating. Carbs were out, leafy lean greens were in. Yet somehow I started the week with this. Green yes, leafy no. And then there was the night I awoke dreaming of possible variations on mac and cheese! Which may or may not have been the same night I ate this and this. And then there was an encounter with a peanut butter pie (recipe to come). A salad regime it has not been.

Harissa spaghetti_gobbled_gulped_3

So I figured why fight it? Why not just continue this worship at the carb alter? Seeing as so many of you enjoyed my Avocado Pesto Spaghetti I thought I ought to share with you another of my favourite – yet unusual – spaghetti recipes. One that simply rocks my boat right out of the water.

Now you may not have dreamt of pairing your pasta with harissa but once you’ve tried it, you’ll dream of it often. And with this being a practically no-cook sauce there’s nothing stoping you making it often too.

My hat goes off to Heidi of 101 Cookbooks for the original recipe. She is simply awe inspiring in the kitchen.

What you’ll need (serves 4)
3 cloves of garlic crushed
1 pinch of good quality sea salt
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 heaped tablespoons of harissa paste

200 gms whole wheat spaghetti
1 smallish bunch of kale, washed, deveined and chopped into medium-large pieces
1/3 cup pine nuts
1/2 cup oven roasted black olives, pitts removed (Sandhurst brand)
Rind of one lemon
Crumbled fetta (optional)


Harissa spaghetti_gobbled_gulpedSo a few notes: If you can find it I recommend Reuben Solomons Harissa Paste. It will put you back about $12 a jar but its a worthy investment, in all honesty I’m mildly addicted to the stuff (I get mine at Harris Farm). Again if you can find them them, oven dried olives do amazing things to this dish otherwise try for oil cured black olives, but frankly any olives will do. And while I know it’s not universally popular the whole wheat pasta really brings this dish together so even if it’s not usually your bag give it a whirl and a twirl.

Harissa Paste

First, put on a pot of boiling water.

While your water comes to the boil, combine your garlic, salt, oil and harissa together and mix well. Set aside.

Harissa Paste_gobbled_gulped

When your pasta is seconds from being ready put the kale in with the water, count to 10 and then drain.

Return the empty pot to the heat and add half the harissa mix. As it starts to sizzle add the drained pasta and kale along with the olives and pine nuts. Mix through and remove from the heat.

Transfer your pasta to a serving dish, drizzle over the remaining harissa mix and finish off with finely grated lemon rind. Top with crumbled feta if using.

And there you have it a vegetarian friendly pasta where every mouthful packs a punch. Go on, give it a try.

Harissa spaghetti_gobbled_gulped_3

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Elizabeth Bay Cafe, Elizabeth Bay

Tucked away behind Macleay Street is a simple little cafe doing a fresh and lively breakfast trade to a throng of loyal locals.

Coffee Elizabeth Bay Cafe

Elizabeth Bay Cafe

Though it’s only a block closer to the bay, it feels as though you’ve been transported miles away from the hustle and bustle of Kings Cross.

You can either grab a seat outside or one of the few inside. (A word of warning it’s small and quite noisy inside. The staff obviously enjoy each others company which is nice to see, but not so nice when their frivolity impacts diners comfort.)

But enough quibbling – on to the food. The menu covers all bases with a slight emphasis on brighter flavours, in keeping with the EBC feel.

The Bouy’s choice of EBC Hash Brown($17) was the clear standout on our last visit. Filled with corned beef, topped with buttered spinach, bacon and a poached egg it was a thing of beauty.

EBC Hash Brown Breakfast

Elizabeth Bay Cafe Hash Brown

Little Brother opted for the corn fritters($16) with avocado and bacon. More bacon than fritter? No-ones ever complained about that before!


Yours truly chose the Ali Baba Breakfast ($16) toasted turkish with hommus, grilled sweet potato, cherry tomato, olives, avocado and danish feta. Good, not great but it is the only time I’ve not been pleased with my meal.

Elizabeth Bay Cafe Ali Baba Breakfast


Elizabeth Bay Cafe

If it’s a sunny, cheerful spot you’re in need of, away from the buzz of it all but not quite in the water, finding yourself at Elizabeth Bay Cafe could be just what the doctor ordered.

You’ll find Elizabeth Bay Cafe at 45 Elizabeth bay Road, Elizabeth Bay. 

Elizabeth Bay Cafe on Urbanspoon

Avocado Pesto Spaghetti

This should be your dinner.


Today we claim the avocado for the Italians in a ridiculously simple, yet lusciously creamy, avocado pesto. Guacamole, you have the night off.

Avocado pesto is just about the only time a creamy pasta sauce is going to be good for you. You’re welcome.

Whats more this recipe will work just as well if you omit the cheese, making it vegan and dairy-free friendly too.


What you’ll need
(recipe is for 1 hungry mouth – simply double or triple as needed)
1 portion of spaghetti
1 ripe medium avocado
4-6 basil leaves
1 teaspoon pine nuts
1-2 tablespoons grated parmesan or pecorino (optional, or as you like)
1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

First, get your pasta cooking in a pot of boiling water.

Then scoop your avocado flesh into a bowl or food processor, add in your oil, pine nuts, cheese, basil, a good squeeze of lemon juice, salt and pepper.


Now either using a barmix or your food processor give your goodies a whiz until nice and smooth. Now have a taste and adjust to your liking… more lemon?, more salt? Once the balance is just right for you set your avocado pesto aside (this bits hard, but resist eating it all now!)



When your spaghetti is al dente drain and mix through your avocado pesto.


Top with more basil and if you’re like me, more cheese and a good ol swirl of olive oil.

And that’s it, your simple, healthy, nutrient rich supper is ready for the eating. Bellissimo.




Bird and Bear Boathouse, Elizabeth Bay

Sometimes its just not about the food.


This is one those times. When the backdrop is just so ‘wow’ being told the kitchen is shut (they’re upgrading) just ain’t no thang.

Let me take you there…


At the back of Elizabeth Bay, down Ithaca Road you’ll find yourself in little known Beare Park. And at the back of this park you’ll find a large wooden gate welcoming you to what is Bird and Bear Boathouse.

Now keep walking.



Keep going…




… right to your table smack bang on the harbours edge.

Now feel the sea spray gently kiss you hello. No really, don’t laugh, its a thing.




Take a minute to look back where you came from and wonder why not all cafes, food or non, aren’t on a marina.


If the pictures haven’t sold you maybe these chaps will?


Quite frankly I couldn’t care less what the food is like, with a setting like this, i’d happily sit here all day, dreaming about nearby properties i’ll never be able to afford.

For the record my coffee was quite good and we thoroughly enjoyed our muffin – things are looking promising for when that kitchen finally does open its hatch.

You’ll find Bird and Bear Boathouse at 1 Ithaca Road, Elizabeth Bay. 

Bird and Bear Boathouse on Urbanspoon